Warframe: How to make platinum

Warframe: How to make platinum

This will be the most comprehensive and practical guide on how to make platinum in Warframe. There are multiple ways to do it, and we’ll just cover up what we believe is the fastest way to do it.

1. Preparation

Before actually making platinum, you’ll need to invest some money into the game. For everything to work out super fast and easy, we suggest getting ~2000 Platinum. Wait for a -75% Discount and get 2000 Platinum at around 20-30$.

(OR go to PlayerAuctions and purchase 2000 platinum for under 25$ from other players – fast and reliable source, tried by us)

What you’ll need platinum for?


You will absolutely need the 2x Resource Booster(Not the 2x chance to drop).

You will also need the 2x Credits Booster(For the Index)



You need to make sure you have very good mods. For this particular guide, we’ll be using Maiming Strike and melee weapons, but you can use basically any weapon that you like, provided you have the right mods for it. You can look up some builds on Warframe builder.


To take it one step further, we strongly suggest getting a good riven for the weapon you are using. Either make it yourself or buy it, it’s still going to cost you some platinum.


You’ll need Nekros Prime.

2. How to do it

By using a combination of Kuva farming and buying cheap Rivens and selling for more.

2.1. Riven hunting

The first step is to hunt for underpriced rivens. Look for rivens that, unrolled, are priced at over 300 Platinum. You can check the trade chat in-game or websites like riven.market or wftrader.

! Make sure you look for UNROLLED rivens, as we’ll have to work on them ourselves. Unrolled rivens require less Kuva(until you hit 9 rolls).

Here’s a nice one on Wftrader. Tiberon unrolled riven for 450 Platinum. Thanks to the 2000 Platinum you got during the Preparation stage, you can afford this. BUT there’s one more trick. NEGOTIATE! Try to offer first 100 Platinum below the seller’s asking price, then 50 Platinum. NEVER give as much as they are asking. You’re trying to save up as much Platinum as possible!

2.2. Kuva farming

You need to farm Kuva. Go to Taveuni on Kuva Fortress. This is probably the most boring part of it. You’ll have to do 20 minute runs. For each 20 minutes, you should get ~6000 Kuva(Thanks to the 2x Resource Booster you got). Also, you’ll need to use Nekros Prime with some nice build(maybe use a Scoliac with a good riven, so you can spam the slide. <- Click here if you want to get an idea about how your kuva farming should be going.

2.3. Riven rolling

Now it’s all about RNGesus. It’s about luck. You’re gonna roll the riven you got until you get some stats that make the riven double or triple it’s value(if you get a godly one, x10 it’s value probably). For example, let’s say we got our Tiberon Unrolled riven for 350 Platinum. If we check Wftrader for Tiberon prices, we can see this:

If we were to roll our riven until we got Crit Chance, Crit Damage and a not very bad negative, we’ll be able to sell for ~1500 Platinum. That means we are getting 1150 Platinum PROFIT.

If you do this more than once a day, you can potentially make ~2000 Platinum daily, without too much effort(maybe 4-5 hours/day, if you’re lucky).

3. Mentions

3.1. Bad luck

If you’ve reached roll 20 and you haven’t got some stats that could at least double your acquisition price, sell the riven for the price you got it for.(Highly doubt that’s gonna happen tho, because in 20 rolls you should AT LEAST make it worth double with the stats).

3.2. Always check prices

Stay on the websites we mentioned non-stop and check for the prices. Look for nice offers(sometimes, people post Tiberon rivens for example for <200 Platinum. Make sure you’re the first to message them) or check for the worth of the riven you made. If you think you got 2 nice statuses, go and check a riven with your statuses, see how much it’s worth. If you’re happy with the price, sell it. If not, keep rolling.

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